Affiliate/Ad Disclosure

Updated: 06/22/2017

This site is written by Monique Porter. It is written and edited entirely by me, except in rare cases where I have clearly noted.  This site is the result of my passion to assist other people in fighting and preventing the onset of any autoimmune disease.

The purpose of my site is to provide people with verified and reputable information about autoimmune disease. I will be providing a variety of information based on studies, my personal experiences, recipes, and product reviews.  It takes time and money (website design, content, images, review materials, etc.) to create the content I place on my site and in return I do sometimes accept compensation from advertising as well as from affiliate programs.

The compensation I receive in no way affects the opinions or information I offer on my site.  Doing so would go against the purpose of creating such a site.  I would also view this as a disservice to all of those who are currently dealing with autoimmune disease themselves or through a loved one or who are aware they are at risk. Through this site, I provide quality and reliable information, which was the motivation for me to start and maintain this site.

With the above information being understood, I do want our visitors to fully understand that a significant portion of this site’s outgoing product links are affiliate links.  If you click a link and it delivers you to a site selling that specific product, it is most likely an affiliate link.  It is only when you make a purchase when following one of these links, that I will be compensated with a portion of the purchase price. This compensation supports my site as I have previously noted.

You will never pay more for a product than you would elsewhere by buying through my affiliate links. The referral fees or commissions I receive are paid entirely by the sellers out of their normal sales margins.  In certain instances, you may actually pay less through my affiliate links due to special arrangements I have made with the seller to share with you.

If you do not wish to support my site through affiliate links, please do not follow the outgoing links on my site.  In most cases, you can easily find non-affiliate links to the endorsed products through search engines but, as mentioned previously, you may end up paying a higher price.  If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the contact form below and I will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

To help you better understand the relationships I have with some of the sponsors and sites I have linked to on my site, please see the following:

  • Product Reviews

I do NOT accept any direct compensation for reviewing any product.  In most cases, I buy the products that I review due to personal interest or because my visitors have contacted me and inquired about them.  In a small amount of cases, the sellers send me the products free-of-charge in exchange for a review.  Whether I buy the product or receive them for free, my review is still conducted with integrity to benefit my audience.


Most, if not all of, the programs I review offer affiliate programs.  I participate in the majority of these programs.  So, if you purchase one of these programs after following one of my links, I may receive compensation in the way of a referral fee.

I take great pride in the fact that my reviews represent my honest opinion and I don’t hesitate to tell you how I feel about a specific product whether it is a positive or negative opinion.


For products that are available through, I often include direct links to those products on their site.  If you make a purchase after following one of these links, I may receive a small referral fee.


  • Google Ads

Google Ads are placed throughout my site and are clearly marked as such.  I have limited control over these ads and what they are for, and I do not necessarily endorse the products that are advertised on them.  These are ads and not affiliate links but I may be compensated a small amount if you click on these ads.


  • Other Products

There are various other products mentioned on our site that I might recommend and subsequently participate in that company’s affiliate program. If you purchase one of these products after following a link from our site, I may receive compensation.

If anything listed here in our affiliate disclosure is unclear or if you have any questions, please contact me by filling out the contact form below.